Who are We?
Beauty that cares was created by LaShonda Tyree,  Creator and Founder of The Handmade Soap coach and Dawn Fitch, Creator and Founder of Pooka Pure & Simple.  Sharing a love of creating natural products, they began to collaborate to teach workshops where others could learn about the empowerment of creating your own products and the benefits of natural ingredients.  The workshops were geared towards young girls, but they soon found out that women of all ages enjoyed the experience.

A big part of  LaShonda and Dawns business models incorporate,  “giving back” so after each workshop they would ask participants to pick one item to donate and then a basket of the handmade items were sent to various womens shelters.  They incorporated into each workshop this practice of “learn it, make it, share it” , a circle of beauty! That’s when Beauty that Cares was born!